ShopSpot: Terms of Service
Here at ShopSpot, we are trying to build a safe and trusted community. Here we'll list a set of rules to help you to get what you want or sell what you have, easily and safely. Please read through it carefully while making your first post or meeting someone for the first time through ShopSpot. We would really appreciate your feedback about this page, so if you feel that we are missing something, please drop us a line at
Things you can buy and sell on ShopSpot
ShopSpot was built to buy and sell all kinds of things, from that old laptop that you want to get rid of to that awesome The new iPad you always wanted. However, to keep ShopSpot safe and trustworthy, we do NOT allow the following things to be posted:
Weapons or explosive devices of any kind that can cause physical harm
Sexual activity, obscene materials, child pornography or anything that may be harmful to minors
Stolen goods - you can only post things that you own
Chemicals that are poisonous or toxic, including illegal and legal drugs and prescribed medicine
Materials that are infringing copyrights
Alcohol and tobacco products
If you are unsure whether what you are about to post is allowed on ShopSpot, don't hesitate to drop us a line to clear up uncertainties.
Safety guidelines for meeting other ShopSpotters
We hope you found what you were looking for! Now it's time to meet up with the other ShopSpotter to complete your transaction. When meeting with a person who you never met before use common sense. We thought of a couple things you might want to consider, while you are planning to meet up:
Always meet in a public space. We recommend cafés, restaurants or banks.
Use cash, when paying or receiving payment. Cheques and money orders are not recommended payment options. Pay or get paid on the spot.
Don't reveal personal information about you. ShopSpot keeps you connected even after you have successfully transacted. Only share as much information about yourself as needed.
Code of conduct for ShopSpotters
ShopSpot is local marketplace, where you will connect with people around you. We want these connections to be as frictionless as possible. As a ShopSpotter we ask you to be polite and respectful to other ShopSpotters. Hateful language and abusive communication is forbidden through ShopSpot. Please let us know immediately if you encounter a ShopSpotter who is violating these rules, by sending an email to We hope that this short list of rules are clear and straightforward. If not, please drop us a line at and we will help clarify. Thanks again for using ShopSpot, we hope you will have as much fun using it as we did building it.
The ShopSpot Team

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